September 16, 2020

Fort Worth Inc – An Inside Look at M2G Venture’s Office Space

Feels Like Home – Executive Life & Style

By Samantha Calimbahin | Photos by olaf growald

The home like vibe of M2G Ventures’ office space is meant to make employees feel more comfortable– and productive.

The office of M2G Ventures is designed to feel like a house, a place where employees are free to pick up their laptops and work anywhere, whether it be at their desk, on the couch in their break room, or in the sunroom out back — the same way a remote worker can float about from room to room while working from home.

Ironically, the team found themselves doing just that this past spring when COVID-19 forced many offices to temporarily close. The commercial real estate company has since returned, resuming normal business hours about three months ago.

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