Together, we will change the way we treat mental illness.

Awareness & Advocacy

What We’re Doing

Advocacy – Fundraising Partnership

We are excited to be partnering with the UT Southwestern Center for Depression Research and Clinical Care (CDRC) to bring its services, studies, and resources to children and young adults across our region. We are raising $1 million to introduce the UT Southwestern CDRC to our hometown of Fort Worth.  At the CDRC, the vision is a future free from the burden of depression. The work Dr. Trivedi and his team of researchers are doing is changing the way mental illness is diagnosed and treated, now and in the future. Our partnership was recently recognized as DCEO’s 2022 Corporate Partner of the Year.

Since the opening of the CDRC clinical site at the Moncrief Cancer Institute in 2019, Dr. Trivedi has implemented the Texas Resilience Against Depression (T-RAD) study, which aims to identify biomarkers of depression and resilience. To date, the CDRC site in Fort Worth has enrolled 90 participants. Through innovative programs such as T-RAD, the CDRC is developing practical tests that will transform clinical care for the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mood disorders, which will have long-lasting and transformative benefits in our region.

With your help, we are over halfway to reaching our $1 million, 3-year fundraising goal. Through our combined efforts, this research has the potential to unlock key insights into the prevalence of depression. As most grand endeavors go, it takes a village. And we are so grateful to have a circle of supporters who demand better outcomes, earlier intervention, and a path to healing for this and future generations.

Awareness – Short Film

In partnership with Red Productions and renowned photographer Rambo, we produced a short film entitled The Bridge, which is an innovative fusion of art-house film and PSA. The purpose of The Bridge is to convey what it truly feels like to experience mental illness, allowing what millions of people struggle with to be seen clearly. Through a social media rollout, regional screenings, and participation in select film festivals such as Lone Star Film Festival, we utilized film and art to spotlight a very complex issue intended to resonate with audience members long after they leave the theater. The film is a reminder that in the midst of despair, there is opportunity to build resilience, bravery, and even community.

2021 Annual Report

In the second year of fundraising, several strides were made to continue our dedication to our Mental Health Initiative. We welcome you to learn more about the progress that was made in 2021 through M2G’s 2021 Annual Report.


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