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Inspired by Legacy.

Beyond the Surface

Taxila Stone is unlike any other wholesale stone distributor. As a wholesale distributor of hand-selected natural and engineered stone surfaces, Taxila works with some of the most exclusive stone quarries in the world, from marble to granite, quartzite, onyx, quartz, and travertine, to name a few. With a passion for stone and a desire to inspire their customers, Taxila looks beyond the surface to ensure their customers find a stone that is unique to them, all while vowing to cultivate the exact same artistry that inspired many centuries ago. For Taxila, stone is more than just a surface and can provide an ideal environment within in the home. Our homes have become our main sanctuary for work, leisure, and entertainment, and it’s never been more important to create an inspired sense of place.

While they carry top of the line products and ensure they have a stone for every person and every need, the experience of selecting stone at Taxila is also unique in itself. Taxila’s new flagship showroom at PROTO Park will provide a space for customers to browse inventory with seasoned team members, and will feature a comprehensive inventory of specially curated materials, from tiles to hardscapes, plus kitchen and bath accessories. Customers can expect to discover their special slab of stone in the new flagship showroom come September 2022!


What inspired Taxila Stone and what sets Taxila apart from other distributors? 

Taxila was originally inspired by an unfortunate home project experience many years ago which was then transformed into a business model opportunity to provide a service and product that the industry had been lacking. There is a minute difference that gives us an edge in the industry – our brand is not designed to be a typical slab showroom. Taxila is a resource to designers featuring a wide assortment of materials and products that you don’t see every day, all while catering to every aspect of a customer’s home and lifestyle.

What is the meaning of Taxila?

The name is derived from Takshashila, a city currently in Pakistan. The literal translation in Sanskrit means “City of Cut Stone,” which was the capital of the Gandhara Kingdom and the seat of one of the oldest universities in the world. It was at the crossroads of the silk route and had influences from China, Persia, Greece, India, and several other civilizations. We were inspired by some of the ancient stone works and the legacy of this city, all while vowing to cultivate the same artistry that inspired many centuries ago.

Why do you feel that great stone is important to thoughtfully curate a space? 

We view a stone as an extension of our lifestyle, rather than a surface. These past few years have had a big impact on how we work, socialize, and spend our holidays. Our home has become our main sanctuary for work, leisure, and entertainment. We want to help our customers transform their space with all these lifestyle changes and give them an ideal environment.

Do you have a favorite stone?

Every stone is special and I have been fortunate to visit and experience quarries in all corners of the world, as well as meet with families that have been the keepers of this ancient art, creating a legacy for this natural wonder. Every stone has a story to tell and it takes millions of years to transform to its current form. It is difficult to choose just one stone!

Are there any trends you’ve been seeing in the residential or commercial spaces?

In general, quartz seems to be the most utilized surface product currently but I suspect porcelains will continue to get more popular. We’re also seeing some exciting things happening with quartz and porcelain, including luxury brand designs and textures. I think the most compelling trend in the stone world are natural stone bathtubs and basins — we can see these categories growing popular in the industry as we take the comfort of our homes more seriously than before.

Taxila’s mission is to help customers discover a stone that is as unique as they are and matches their personality. What is the secret to picking a stone that meets this criterion?

At Taxila Stone, we believe that every stone and surface caters to a lifestyle and aesthetic suitable to a specific person. The tales and stories behind the inception and development of every surface give it a legacy and magic of its own, and that is the primary factor for selecting your own special and unique kind of stone.

Tell us about your new flagship showroom at PROTO Park!

Our showroom at Proto Park will be a design center catering to the trade. We are working towards creating a space that can provide inspiration to designers and will have design elements from all our exclusive partners including Minotticucine, Aire Limestones, Domiziani, Essenze Di Luce, Santafiora, Peroni, Porfido Pedretti, Tosco Marmi, De Castelli, Lithea and several others.

Can you share more on your build-out plans for your new design center?

We are creating a holistic design space to showcase various surface options that will innately inspire our customers to create fabulous spaces. Building and remodeling a home can be a daunting task, so we have trained professionals to help navigate this process. We strive to be a one-stop design center to cater to stone surfaces, tiles, textured surfaces, hardscapes, bathtubs, sinks, accessories, furniture, appliances, and kitchen cabinets.

How has PROTO Park encouraged innovation and collaboration for Taxila’s operations and flagship showroom?

PROTO Park is conducive for building a design center, and is an ideal location being around the corner from the Dallas Design District. Our new space will encourage innovation and collaboration, something that can be hard to find in an industrial setting. We are excited about this location and the opportunity to continue to build upon our brand nationally.

Finally, what is your favorite part about being at PROTO Park?

Proto Park is an ideal location with an unmatched tenant mix! We look forward to collaborating and working alongside our neighbors at the park. We are already planning joint events for cross-marketing opportunities.

Stay Connected with Taxila Stone and Come Visit the Showroom in September!

There is limited space available at Proto Park. Prototype with us while you still can!



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