December 20, 2023

Sisters Near $1 Million Goal Toward Mental Health Research in Fort Worth

NBC5 DFW, December 20, 2023

The co-founders of M2G Ventures lost a loved one to bipolar disorder and vow to bring change.

Two sisters in Fort Worth made a pledge to do something good to change the way mental illness is diagnosed and treated.

An event called Art of the Mind raised more than $450,000 for an intiative inspired by the loss of a loved one to bipolar disorder.

There was music, a silent auction and the signature art auction featuring works that reflected the mental health journey.

The sisters who co-founded the real estate and development firm M2G Ventures are close to reaching their goal to raise a million dollars by the end of 2023 to build a Fort Worth location of the UT Southwestern Medical Center for Depression Research and Clinical Care (CDRC).

Susan Gruppi Miller and Jessica Miller Essl channeled the heartbreak of a loved one’s death in 2017 into action to raise awareness and drive advocacy to change the way mental illness is diagnosed and treated, now and in the future. They launched M2G’s Mental Health Initiative in 2019 and earned 501(c) 3 nonprofit status in 2022.

They’ve now partnered with Dr. Madhukar Trivedi, the CDRC’s founding director, to support the center’s work in Tarrant County. The CDRC is a nationally recognized center for excellence in the research and treatment of mood disorders, including depression and bipolar disorder. Through innovative programs and studies, Dr. Trivedi and his team are developing practical tests that will transform clinical care for the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mood disorders.

In 2024 and beyond, M2G’s Mental Health Initiative (MHI) will continue to support Dr. Trivedi’s research and help educate the community through specific programming. An event in the spring will highlight innovators like Dr. Trivedi and others who are unlocking mysteries and advancing the understanding of the brain.