90,000 SF


Mixed-use District


Fort Worth, TX

Situated just a few miles from Downtown Fort Worth and the northernmost boundary of the Cultural District, a menagerie of disused warehouses sat — a blank canvas waiting to be painted with the colors of community and commerce. Spread across these 6 acres, the opportunity existed to curate a new district that celebrates small business, artistry, and craft while filling gaps in the immediate area’s gallery of experiences. From this palette of space, vision, and talent came the Foundry District.



After nearly a decade of sustained success, the Foundry District was sold to Asana Partners to expand their presence in North Texas. What began as an assemblage of underutilized industrial spaces, ripe for demolition, became a thriving community predicated on the culture of reuse and reimagination. The power of identity, and the important role of history in placemaking, are still on display today within one of the most exciting districts in Fort Worth.




Average Rent Growth from 2016-2022


To Asana Partners in 2022

The Foundry District is an adaptive reuse project made up of a dozen mid-century industrial buildings that had fallen out of use over recent decades. Reimagined as modern spaces like creative offices, retail storefronts, unique amenities, showrooms, and food & beverage destinations, Foundry was quickly proven as a haven for local business as it balances price and proximity to the most coveted locales in Fort Worth.

This one-of-a-kind district is an ideal exemplar of M2G Ventures’ emphasis on art. The cultural tone of Foundry is set by Inspiration Alley, which was named one of the top outdoor art experiences in the United States by Forbes with over 70 pieces of outdoor art from a diversity of creators. In practice, Inspiration Alley is also a thoroughfare connecting the components of the district and operating at the intersection of form and function. That blending of expression and utility is also embodied in the tenant mix curated in the Foundry District.

Foundry’s Gallery of Brands

The brands that chose to be found in Foundry represent a cross-section of the Fort Worth business community and exist at the intersection of innovation and elevation.

M2G Ventures was deeply purposeful in attracting tenants with concepts at the apex of craft and refined to the point of perfection. This bounty of experiences was curated to invite patrons to savor with all of their senses.

Gallery of Brands