September 4, 2020

Infusing Art with Real Estate

Katie Murray’s favorite part about working at M2G Ventures is the flexibility to stretch her creative muscles. Katie’s favorite project so far has been Bogart Dallas because she was given the opportunity to work from the ground up with architects, which was an extremely immersive process and allowed for the art selection to feel intentional and intuitive.

Before Covid-19, Katie found the best ways to connect with local artists was just by showing up to events, going to lectures, gallery openings, programming through Art Room etc. Now that it’s harder to see people, she finds she stays connected with others through social media. 

While Katie is not working on a project or mural with M2G Ventures, she likes to stay busy by traveling, finding great restaurants, going on outdoor adventures, and finding the next binge-worthy show on Netflix. Katie has two boys, a husband and a dog, and they just finished remodeling a house in Berkeley. A few things Katie loves is taking girls trips, lounging by the pool or any body of water, learning new things, taking classes, and cooking. She loves to dance, paint, read a great book, invest time in her friendships, and visit with family.