180,000 SF


Mixed-use District


Fort Worth, TX

The historic Fort Worth Stockyards stand at once as a living museum and a hospitality hub that speaks to the origins of the city. At an inflection point in Fort Worth’s story and with its star rising, M2G Ventures was chosen to saddle up and join the team reclaiming 180,000 square feet of century-old horse and mule barns. In pursuit of crafting a place that proves the Fort Worth of tomorrow can be constructed by respecting rather than replacing the Cowtown of yesterday, $200M was invested in the first phase of development. Enter — Mule Alley.




Stockyards Heritage Development

Through a targeted and highly selective leasing and marketing approach, a roster of tastemakers has come together to transform the landscape of Fort Worth through Mule Alley. Iconic merchants within the development have both amplified local fare and brought international prestige to the district.




Annual Visitors (8.7MM Annual Visits)


District F&B Sales


District Retail Sales

One brick at a time, Mule Alley came to life through a meticulous process of restoration and transformation. 500,000 bricks were laid by hand. Original windows were restored. Haylofts became dining areas. Fire doors became art. Together, these disparate pieces of history have come together as one of the most iconic redevelopment stories in the United States. Throughout the old west renaissance, M2G Ventures served as the exclusive retail partner, courting tastemaking brands that ran the gamut from international symbols of authenticity to Fort Worth’s own local flavor.

In this Americana marketplace, the world’s greatest heritage brands came together to set a new standard for quality and authenticity, anchored by Hotel Drover — a jewel in the crown of Marriott’s Autograph Collection®. Local restaurateurs are putting Fort Worth on the map as a culinary destination that cannot be missed. And tried & true events like rodeos and cattle drives ensure Mule Alley is still rooted in the history of The Stockyards.

Mule Alley’s Stable of Brands

In Texas, you’re defined by the company you keep. Mule Alley is no different. Intending to draw in everyday adventurers, M2G Ventures wrangled a one-of-a-kind lineup, hailing only those with a passion, a dream, a big idea, and a nod to the wild west.

The cast is a result of our relentless dedication to highly sought-after, innovative, legendary, and timeless brands that would be true ambassadors to the future and past American heritage.

Stable of Brands


American Paint Horse Association


Double D Ranchwear
Flea Style
Kimes Ranch
King Ranch
Lucchese Collection
Tucker Brown
Wide Brim


Avoca Coffee
Cowtown Winery
Melt Ice Creams
Paloma Suerte
Provender Hall
Second Rodeo Brewing
Shake Shack
Sidesaddle Saloon
Tannahill’s Tavern
The Biscuit Bar
97 West


Hotel Drover
Tannahill’s Music Hall