50,000 SF


Adaptive Reuse


Dallas, TX

How can a single space feel at once innovative and timeless? That’s the captivating magic of Bogart. The bold juxtapositions of this former campus don’t end there, as the outdoors seep in through foliage and natural light while the art-adorned interior paints outside the lines, creating a continuity of creativity within and without. The result of this curation and experimentation is a truly unique mixed-use office project that educates occupants about what’s possible. Fitting, as the building was formerly used as a secondary school.



Upon seeing this blank canvas, M2G Ventures immediately began to envision how a new level of life and energy could be infused into the space. Hallways became gallery walls, angular outdoor tracts created by the facility’s unique angles became green havens, and large, luminous office spaces were carved out to accommodate luminary brands.



2.8K – 8.2K SF

Available Across Three Spec Suites

Situated in a booming commercial area along East Ross Avenue, Bogart boasts a delightfully communal layout, accented by the zen-inspired gardens that invite reflection and recreation. While Bogart has dynamic energy in its bones, what adorns its walls is the real showstopper. Art is the heart of this place.

Throughout Bogart, tenants and visitors alike are treated to a curated collection of museum-quality art and mid-century modern decor and furniture, accented by thoughtful music that together create a feast for the senses. The effortlessness of the experience is due to the meticulous approach M2G Ventures took to every single choice. The transformation of Bogart is fully embodied and truly singular.

Bogart’s Cast of Change-Makers

Stemming from its time as a campus, Bogart has become the ideal home for organizations that seek community and collective innovation. Each tenant is united driving change within their industry, and push one another to leave a lasting, paradigm-shifting impression on those they serve.

Top-flight amenities elevate the experience, including some that are impossible to replicate. From the carefully chosen novels found in the serene private library to the spa-inspired showers and world-class tenant lounge, the challenge for those who work within Bogart is going home at the end of the day, not venturing in.

Notable Tenants Include

Bogart flawlessly blends mid-century inspiration with modern accents and amenities to create a place where artistically-inclined people long to work. Named for a trendsetter born 125 years ago, this office building exists to prove that boldness and timelessness are two sides of the same coin, not opposing concepts. To occupy Bogart is to be inspired, no matter your trade, to achieve results that outlive you. That energy is reflected in the occupancy of the space, creating demand that brings to mind the other definition of the project’s name.