112,741 SF


Urban Industrial


Dallas, TX

In the context of branding, an archetype is defined as the heartbeat of an organization — a persona that conveys deep meaning and allows external audiences to connect emotionally, not just transactionally. That mindset is fully embodied in this expansive urban industrial park, whose connections are owed in equal measure to its unbeatable location in the heart of Dallas and irreplicable look and amenities. Placemaking can happen anywhere, but a destination like Archetype could only occur at a place like this.



Investment Partner

Pennybacker Capital

Archetype is the embodiment of M2G Ventures’ groundbreaking philosophy of placemaking in the industrial arena. Not only does this project fill a sought-after niche in the West Brookhollow/South Stemmons market — it brings a new level of character to a whole class of developments and unseats expectations for urban industrial in Dallas. This project has been remarkably successful at attracting an exciting mix of archetypes, allowing them to build upon their own extraordinary brands in a place that echoes their values.



2K-25K SF

Available for Lease


Move-In Ready Suites

Archetype began as a 112,741-square-foot light industrial complex just east of Dallas’s central business district. A blank canvas of concrete and little else, its identity was overhauled — from its external aesthetics to its internal character. The complete rebrand included total project renovations, storefront upgrades, enhanced landscaping, and public art installations. These efforts coalesce to create an urban hub for B2B and B2C brands that is both premium and innovative.

This project was designed to be seen and make a scene. The art showcased on the massive walls catches the eye without competing with the tenant’s elegant wayfinding. The new landscaping blurs the lines between industrial and commercial, fitting in neatly with the nearby Design District. The overhauled storefronts lit from above by upgraded lighting become the backdrop for bold businesses of all genres. All in all, these spaces are designed to be lived in and empower those who spend time within them.

A Discerning Mix of Archetypes

The look, location, and limitless potential of Archetype make it an ideal choice for an unmatched variety of tenants. Up to 18’ clear heights and access to multimodal shipping serve legacy industrial businesses, while direct customer-facing storefronts, generous parking, and holistic exterior upgrades attract non-traditional occupants.

Archetype couldn’t be better positioned for attraction and access. Located adjacent to the Dallas Design District with ample access to I-35E, the Dallas CBD, and multiple airports, Archetype’s location is as sought-after as its aesthetics.

Notable Tenants Include