The Ostreum

Uncommon. Upscale. Unforgettable.

Located in the 150+ year old OB Mac building, The Ostreum is a hidden gem in Fort Worth. Or perhaps calling it a hidden pearl would be more appropriate, since Ostreum is Latin for oyster.

Inspired by the speakeasies of the 1920’s, Katie Murray’s “Whisper Sisters” mural welcomes you into the warehouse-turned-event-venue space. With secret doors and romantic touches, The Ostreum is like no other. Owner Lynsie Blau has thought of everything, from a dreamy bridal suite to a rooftop photo spot with views of downtown Fort Worth. She has taken the historic architecture of OB Mac, including the wooden pillars, exposed rafters, and exposed brick walls, and fused it with romantic touches to create a truly unique space.

Find your pearl at The Ostreum.



Lynsie, tell us a little bit about yourself! How did you end up in Fort Worth and how did you get started in the wedding and event industry? 

I grew up on a ranch in a small town in West Central Texas. Menard, TX has a special place in my heart and the ranch is still considered “home”. When I moved to Fort Worth for a coaching job, I had no idea the extent to which I would fall in love with this city. It really is a big city with a small-town feel. My career leading up to opening the venues is a history of flip-flopping between coaching basketball and working in the event industry. I have coached on all levels and worked in almost every wedding specialty from dresses to rentals. I knew for over 10 years that I would someday open a venue. Once I got to Fort Worth, I knew this was the place to build my dream and I opened BRIK Venue in Fall of 2015. When I was approached by Susan and Jessica about the warehouse space at OB Mac, it was a great opportunity to launch a second venue and Ostreum was born.

OB Mac is over 100 years old and located in the heart of Fort Worth. A lot of people would never have thought about opening an event venue in this building! What about the history and uniqueness OB Mac makes it a perfect fit for The Ostreum?  

OB Mac is a truly one-of-a-kind property. The warehouse portion in which the venue is located was ideal for an event space – open floor concept, plenty of square footage, and tons of character. The history of the building only adds to the charm of Ostreum. Being so close to downtown and the Near Southside area gives guests easy access to great accommodations and nightlife. Throughout the entire venue, you can see the touches of history that make the building and Fort Worth a special place.

What sets The Ostreum apart from all other event venues? 

Warehouse venues have been on trend in the wedding industry for a few years now. Ostreum gives a more mysterious, romantic vibe compared to other warehouse venues that seem to be more industrial and rustic. A noticeable speakeasy-like concept plays throughout the venue with secret passageways and hidden treasures. Our inclusions and amenities are unmatched – including our incredible dressing suites.

Like much of Cowtown, The Ostreum features murals by the amazing Katie Murray. What was the inspiration for the “Whisper Sisters” mural located on the main doors of The Ostreum? 

Katie is wonderfully talented and one of the coolest women I have had the pleasure to meet. We wanted to embrace the speakeasy concept that the venue lends itself to – the outside is unassuming and when you enter the space you are stunned by the beauty within. When Susan (Gruppi), Jessica (Miller Essl), and I partnered on this project, I labeled us the Whisper Sisters which was a term used in the 1930’s for a woman who ran a speakeasy. So, Katie created an Art Deco inspired mural depicting three women onto the main entry to the venue. From a distance, it is hard to tell that is it actually a door –  we love it!

Do you have a favorite event that you’ve hosted at The Ostreum?

We host so many events of all types and styles. I think my favorite part of events, though, is exactly that  – each one is different. I don’t think any two events have ever been the same. The versatility of the venue and the creativity of vendors and clients add to the uncommon luxury of Ostreum. We are not a ballroom or barn – we are for those who want their event to be special and unlike the mainstream venues. This is reflected in how they use the space and I love seeing the creativity in results of their events.

The hallway leading to the groomsman and bridal suites is located behind a “secret” door and complete with a light installation. How did you come up with the idea for these special touches? 

The hidden suites and funky hallway are absolutely my favorite features of Ostreum. The idea for this project to have a speakeasy vibe was already in place, and I was looking into those bookshelves that are doors. My issue was that a bookcase in the middle of a venue didn’t make any sense at all. Then I found the swinging door concept and the contractor built a custom “hidden” rotating door. We later had custom wallpaper printed to disguise it into the cinderblock wall. The light wall was fun and a total accident. I was asked to pick out the lighting for that hallway and I just had this crazy idea. I bought bathroom vanity lights and party bulbs. The electrician thought I was insane – but it worked out! We call it the “Willy Wonka Hall.”

How did you come up with the name? 

I admit that Ostreum is an odd name – but there is a story behind it! The entrance and exterior to the venue were the foundational reasons behind embracing the idea of speakeasy venue. We chose “Ostreum” because it is Latin for “oyster”. Oysters are a delicacy and can produce a rare and precious gem. So, like an oyster, the outside of the venue is unassuming, but when you come inside you discover a pearl.

What is your favorite story from the industry? 

There are so many good ones! I think one of my most favorite that I have recently learned of is about one of our sweet brides and her amazing groom. This bride is one of four daughters, and she is the last one to get married. Her father recently passed away and obviously the whole family was heartbroken to lose him. But this groom, knowing how special this man was, has decided to take on her family name. So, when they marry, he will take on her last name so her family’s surname will continue on.

What is your favorite photo spot in the building? 

My favorite photo op is, without a doubt, on the roof. The gorgeous sunset photos with downtown Fort Worth in the background are breath taking!

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