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A culinary delivery experience.

The on-shelf products, ready-made meals, and ongoing services found at Meyer & Sage are second to none and wholly unique to Foundry. They operate with a simple mantra in mind – Ingredients Do Matter. That dedication to craft and elevating the everyday meal makes Meyer & Sage a paragon of Foundry culture.

A favorite lunchtime destination for locals and Foundry foodies, Meyer & Sage is equally known for the services they offer outside their four walls. From weekly meal delivery to high-quality catering services, this team brings ingredients that matter to those who want them most.

All of which leads us to owner and chef, Callie Salls. The driving force behind the delicious. Callie and her team of professionally trained chefs handcraft each menu item, focused on seasonality of ingredients, cooking from scratch, and gourmet-to-go that can’t be found elsewhere. We recently caught up with Chef Callie to learn more about her culinary start, the behind-the-scenes intentionality and drive to provide unique offerings to our beloved Fort Worth community.


Where do you find inspiration for each meal concept?

I’m always perusing classic cookbooks, vintage magazines and saving pictures from travel. I love doing healthy and delicious twists on the classics!

Do you have any favorite flavors or ingredients to work with?

I love fresh herbs and citrus. They give meals an extra boost in flavor. That’s how we came up with Meyer & Sage.  Meyer lemons and fresh sage are two of my favorite ingredients.

How did Meyer & Sage get started? What does the name Meyer & Sage mean to you?

I began my culinary career as a personal chef 11 years ago. At one point, it was myself and 5 other chefs cooking in homes for 70 local families. My husband, Allan, wanted to find a way that we could reach more families with a chef team cooking out of a commercial kitchen and that’s how we came up with Meyer & Sage.

Meyer & Sage is more than just food. It’s a push to educate consumers that what they eat and feed themselves and their children doesn’t have to be unhealthy or have 100 ingredients that you cannot pronounce for it to be delicious. We make made-from-scratch meals with high quality ingredients that you can be proud to serve your family.

Tell us about your weekly/family meal plans and how this offering is truly unique in the Fort Worth community.

We have a meal delivery service and provide meal packages for families around Fort Worth. What sets us apart? Family-style meals are delivered to your door in high-quality glass Pyrex or compostable disposable containers. We also use all organic & pastured chicken, wild-caught seafood, humanely and sustainably raised meats, pastured eggs, organic produce whenever possible and organic pantry goods. Everything is made from scratch down to our aioli, ketchup and vinaigrettes.

“Ingredients do matter” is your motto on your website. Tell us what that means to you and your customer base?

It means we would rather make less money buying quality ingredients to serve your family. We don’t take any shortcuts to make a profit.

Our tuna salad is a great example. We use wild-caught skipjack tuna from Wild Planet, make our own aioli, use fresh lemon zest, fresh herbs and capers to make you a naturally dairy-free, paleo and gluten-free tuna salad that tastes delicious.

The same goes with our chicken salad, hummus and pimiento cheese. We don’t buy jarred pimientos, pre-shredded cheese or jarred mayonnaise to make our pimiento cheese. We grill fresh red bell peppers to for pimientos, hand-grate sharp Tillamook Cheddar, as well as make our own roasted garlic aioli.

What led you to choose Foundry as your home?

We were connected with Jessica Miller Essl & Susan Gruppi, co-founders of M2G Ventures, through a mutual friend – Kari with Melt Ice Creams – and the rest was history! Jessica helped us specifically with this project every step of the way. My favorite part about the Foundry District is the local art and support of all local tenants.

What is one thing that most people don’t know about Meyer and Sage?

We might appear to have a big operation, but we are a tiny but mighty team running the meal delivery service, grab & go shop, social media, accounting, etc.

What is your most popular item on your menu that customers can’t get enough of?

Our Organic Chicken Salad or Green Chile Pimiento Cheese. It’s a tie.

And finally let’s set the record straight – pineapple on pizza: yes or no?

I say eat what makes you happy!

To learn more about Meyer and Sage, visit and be sure to follow them on social at @meyerandsage.

Not to mention, the folks behind the counter get to know you, and you can call the staff ahead of time to see what items are in stock for the day. Run, don’t walk! We recommend the Green Chile Pimiento Cheese!

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