Scout Design Studio

We’re not for everyone. Neither are you.

From custom furniture, exclusive artwork, customizable designs and vintage finds, Scout Design has been setting a new standard within the design industry since 2012. Starting in a rented space in an antique mall and navigating through the trials of creating AND delivering lacquered furniture, Scout has grown their services to include refinishing vintage furniture (with more than 2,400 recycled vintage pieces), designing their own furniture, creating their own artwork and so much more. Their design services include working with you from the very beginning to the very last mile. Literally, they have their own in-house white glove delivery team. Of course, they’ll be happy to hit you with vibe check (free of charge) too.

Scout is scouting the world to carefully find and curate collections from M2G’s 4901 Woodall in Dallas where they office, warehouse, build, and sometimes even throw one hell of a party.

At Scout, color is king and every item is unique. They’re not for everyone, but neither are you. Learn more about Scout Design Studio from their very own Director of Customer Experience, Nick Niven, below.


What inspired Scout Design Studio?

Scout started in 2012. We actually started in a rented space in an antique mall. We have always been attracted to one of a kind pieces. Pieces you are not going to see everywhere. Vintage, dusty, forgotten. Something dying to be cleaned up and given a second life. Marrying the new with the old. We never could have imagined what we were going to become but we have always been driven by the hunt. The thrill of the find. Doing different. Being different. Like begets like. And we slowly surrounded ourselves with likeminded collaborators. Likeminded in the sense that we all believe “We are Not for Everyone. Neither are You.”

What services does Scout Design Studio offer? 

If it were easy everyone would do it. We say this frequently to remind ourselves that we are doing something cool. Something different. Especially by offering lacquering services. Because lacquer is HARD! Delivering lacquered furniture is HARDER! But that was how we started, and we are damn good at it. So, we refinish vintage furniture. We design our own line of furniture that we have manufactured in small, curated batches. We custom build furniture in our very own workshop here in Dallas. We upholster. We offer custom rugs that we source directly from the weavers who make them. We create artwork that you will not find anywhere else because we are the artist. We offer design service. From mood boards to full design plans and installs. And because we can’t trust anyone else to do it because no one loves our pieces as much as we do, we have our own in-house white glove delivery team crisscrossing the country weekly giving clients the full Scout experience from purchasing to final mile delivery. And maybe most importantly, we offer Vibe Checks free of charge.

What is your process for creating a custom piece for a client?

We pride ourselves in our personal touch. We are real people making real furniture for real people. Each sale as each piece is unique to itself. We walk the client through the process in a methodical manner. Explaining each step in the process along with the materials used. We want client to know the species of veneer, the fabric content, where the hardware comes from, each step in the process of inception to completion. We want to know the space where the piece is going to live. For them to know the why behind the what. This is important when you are building an heirloom piece that will live on for generations. We are developing a relationship with the client because they need to feel comfortable paying for a piece that they won’t see for 10 weeks. That takes trust.

Do you have a favorite custom piece that Scout has created? 

This is a hard one. As a parent I think you are supposed to say, “I love all my babies’. And that is true. It is hard to keep up. We have an inspired team that conceptualizes new pieces on the regular. You can turn a corner at any given moment and be blown away by a completed new design. But to pick one, I would say our Etta Dining Table. Beautiful clean lines that beg a second look. Tastefully tapered legs overlaid with a table top with the perfect skirt for an extra dazzle. And the best part? Not one is the same because they are veneered with natural wood with graining that makes the table move.

How would you describe Scout’s overall design vibe? 

We Are Not for Everyone. Neither Are You.
Where else are you going to find an immaculate handmade burl credenza topped with a piece of art that says F*** It?

What is your design process and where do you find inspiration? 

In places some are scared to go. In the dingy dusty corners lay some of the best treasures. We love to travel. Exposing ourselves to cultures and experiences outside a typical comfort zone wakes up the brain and inspires the senses. And it brings levity and gravity to our daily lives. It is easy to get wrapped up looking at your day, your task, your reality, with horse blinders on. We are here to practice humility, lack of ego and taking a big step back to look at the big picture. With a clear mind and perspective, we are able to be open to all inspiration no matter where it comes from.

What advice would you give someone as they embark on the design process for their home? 

Be honest with yourself. You are not designing a room to live on the cover of a magazine. Don’t be trendy for trendy sake. Make choices that are going to make you happy. And ask for help when you feel like you need it. And when choices feel like they are getting too big, take a deep breath and remind yourself that nothing is permanent.

How are you using your space M2G’s 4901 Woodall? 

We office here. We warehouse here. We build. We play soccer in the loading dock. And we have been known to throw a hell of a party.

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