Impact Ventures

Accelerating All Shades of Genius

With a mission to become a household name, Impact Ventures is committed to accelerating and investing in all shades of genius. Impact Ventures is building inclusive communities by eliminating the social and economic barriers for BIPOC communities through inclusive entrepreneurship, community wealth building and integrated capital. They offer critical mentorship, education, technical assistance, connections and resources for both BIPOC and women-led enterprises. They are a business built by founders, for founders.

As a women-led company, M2G Ventures is pleased beyond words to welcome this amazing organization to our tenant lineup. With each property in our portfolio, we thoughtfully design and invest in solutions to create spaces that attract visionaries and contribute to a more equitable and sustainable world. In that spirit, we are thrilled that Impact Ventures will now be calling our mixed-use Dallas project, Bogart, home. Located in Old East Dallas, Bogart was the ideal location for Impact Ventures as they seek to become an anchor in the community.

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In your own words, how would you sum up the work that Impact Ventures is doing? 

Impact Ventures is accelerating and investing in the genius of underestimated women and entrepreneurs of color to level the playing field within our economy.

What services does Impact Ventures provide to harness the genius in underestimated communities and empower talented yet underestimated women and communities of color? 

Through our programmatic pillars of ecosystem building, inclusive entrepreneurship, and integrated capital we provide:

  • – Networking events and Community Summits
  • – Business accelerator training programs for early- to growth-stage founders
  • – Flexible small business loans and founder-friendly equity investments.

What inspired Impact Ventures? 

We are inspired by the genius of our community; however, we know genius can sometimes be stifled. We believe genius is everywhere, but access and opportunity are not. Our solution is to provide the access and opportunities for their genius to thrive.

What is Impact Ventures’ vision for the future? 

Our vision is to create a world where access, opportunity, and prosperity is shared among all people. We seek to be a national household name in the work of inclusive entrepreneurship and impact finance. Scaling our mission nationwide is on the horizon.

How would you describe Impact Ventures’ integrated approach to eliminating social and economic barriers for BIPOC communities?

We take a holistic approach to addressing the structural barriers that exist for women and BIPOC entrepreneurs. While some may just focus on one of the solutions of education, mentorship, or capital, we provide all three in a way that fits our founders stage and industry model.

Why did Impact Ventures choose M2G’s Bogart? 

We believe in the importance of space and place. As an innovative forward-thinking organization poised for growth, we see this neighborhood of Old East Dallas as fast-growing sector of our city that has been forgotten. We seek to be an anchor in a community that desperately needs resources like ours to foster inclusive growth.

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