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The Next Generation of Commercial Real Estate Starts Now…

As a fellow WBE (women-owned business) built by entrepreneurial women, Hart Commercial was a perfect partner for M2G’s leasing efforts at Bogart. Founded on a passion for fostering the next generation of commercial real estate professionals, Hart Commercial is an energetic brokerage firm specializing in leasing, site selection and investment sales for clients in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. They’ve brought several leases to M2G’s Bogart in Old East Dallas, including Wesley, a women’s wellness community, and Endeavors for Help Comes Hope, a nonprofit organization that focuses on supporting children, families and veterans and those struggling with mental illness and disabilities. And now they’re even joining the lineup at Bogart!

Hart is changing commercial real estate by infusing everything they do with “Hart.” They focus on making meaningful connections and leading the industry while standing behind their deep passion to change the way the brokerage business is done. Leading this charge is Allison Johnston Frizzo, Hart’s Managing Partner. We caught up with her to understand what mentorship means to her, what trends she’s seeing in the market, why Hart chose Bogart to hang their hat, and so much more!


How did Hart Commercial get started? 

My parents were both entrepreneurs, my mom being in commercial real estate dating back to the 1980s as well, so they instilled a creative and strong work ethic in me at a young age. I sought mentors early in my career who helped guide me and helped me overcome obstacles I faced along the way.

It was my long-time mentor, Tanya Hart Little, who is an entrepreneur and founder of Hart Advisors Group, who saw my potential and encouraged me to spread my wings and launch a new company.  Once I reflected on my goals for the next ten years of my life, I made a leap of faith and founded Hart Commercial with Tanya in October 2021.

Hart was founded on a passion for fostering the next generation of commercial real estate professionals. How do Hart employees live this out, and what does being a mentor mean to you?

Hart Commercial’s foundation is based on a collaborative approach where everyone’s ideas are heard and they can bring their energy and passion to each project. The Hart team learns from each other, whether they are a seasoned pro like Tanya, or associates starting their real estate career. It is not a top down approach and the younger team members can see Hart’s leadership in action and how they “walk the talk”.

For Tanya and I, seeing our team flourish and grow not only in their careers, but in their personal lives, reinforces our decision to chart a new course and create a firm that does things differently and shakes up the old school reputation of commercial real estate.

Like M2G Ventures, Hart holds a unique space in the commercial real estate industry as a WBE (women-owned business) certified company. How has this foundation impacted your success? 

Achieving this certification has created opportunities to partner with like-minded thinkers who share so many of our experiences as women and the challenges we face in business. One thing that was critical for us when we founded the firm was to work with other women business owners, whether they are clients or vendors such as architectural firms or construction firms.  The WBE certification is continuing to open doors to new opportunities.

In your own words, what does “Infused with Hart” mean to you? 

For us, infused with Hart means we are focused on meaningful connection. We operate with a positive, driven mindset and welcome innovative thinking. Since we are building a new generation of CRE leaders, we established our culture on the FUTURE:

  • Fresh– founded by the next generation of leaders and professionals in commercial real estate.
  • Unconventional– Our approach is unique and created to resolve existing issues in current industry standards and structure.
  • Trust– Integrity is a true value driving our future and overall success.
  • Unflinching– Our promise is to perform for our clients.
  • Robust– Our associates have a strong work ethic with a vigorous appetite to succeed.
  • Evolving– We are always striving to stay current and adapt quickly to ensure our team and clients achieve successful outcomes.

What trends are you currently seeing in the market? 

Quality of life, health, and well-being are top priorities for employees, at times, above salary. Improving the quality of life is the number one reason for people to quit their jobs today. It makes the flight to quality office product essential because it requires looking at the workplace as a destination with an emphasis on design, similar to what retail has been doing over the years called “placemaking.”

I know we have said the “google office” is what Millennials and Gen Z want, but this is now imperative in design more than ever. This applies to a brand-new Class AA building or an older adaptive reuse project. I am seeing employers touring properties whose priority is the feel and the vibe of the space. This can even be a priority over the economics and efficiency of the space.

When looking for a brokerage to represent Bogart, it was clear that Hart was a visionary company that understood our dream of creating a museum-like, Class A mixed-use destination. So much so that Hart has chosen Bogart as your headquarters! Why did Bogart stand out to Hart?

We have joined others in the flight to quality! Bogart stands out from other spaces because of the attention to detail and offering design elements that match the vibe of Hart – fresh, new, and cutting edge. We feel the “resimercial”design breeds the creativity we want to have as opposed to a traditional corporate look.  Open area lounge spaces, small collaboration rooms and an open kitchen allow for more space to brainstorm and synergize with our team.

From the Zen Library to the first-floor gym, Bogart has some amazing amenities. Do you have a favorite? 

The tenant lounge is a great space that brings people together. We have seen this first hand through various events among tenants in the building.  The Indoor/outdoor space is a welcoming environment that invites community.

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