Meet Riley.

“Give a girl the right pair of boots and she can conquer the world.” – Marilyn Monroe

Riley TillmanOffice & Administrative Assistant, M2G Ventures

Riley is known as M2G’s Air Traffic Controller and Ringmaster.

At M2G, Riley Tillman wears many hats. But her favorite will probably always be her Stetson, considering she’s a Fort Worth native.

On paper, she’s M2G’s Office & Administrative Assistant. In reality, she’s the glue that holds M2G together, the captain of our ship, and our chief party planner. Riley sees everything she does through to a successful completion and ensures that our team is able to accomplish what they need. When it comes to rolling with the punches, Riley is the queen. She is a champion in her work. The amount of resiliency and creativity her position requires is underestimated. She keeps the order, and does it so well, no one has a clue when something has fallen out of line.

On top of keeping the order at M2G, she is one of the most connected Fort Worth residents you could meet. No matter where you go with her, there’s a warm face knowing her name, asking her about mahjongg or reflecting on her prior Tanglewood Elementary students. Riley brings her joy and sunshine to everything she does, and she is beloved by all.

Riley is the heartbeat of our team, and to her, we tip our hat. 

Riley Tillman


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Hours Spent at the Fort Worth Stockshow & Rodeo Last Year


Photos of Her Corgi, Huggy, on Her Phone

Meet Riley.

“Keep calm and cowgirl on”


What led you to M2G Ventures? 

I love the work M2G was doing to reshape iconic and historic Fort Worth areas. They have truly transformed and revived areas of Fort Worth that had been underutilized for years. I love seeing that much thought and love getting put back into our city!

What has been your favorite M2G memory so far? 

Art of the Mind! It was amazing to see the community and our team come together to raise so much money for a great cause! Also, it was a lot of fun celebrating the artists and seeing how mental health shaped their pieces.

How would you describe your role in a few sentences?  

I’m the frontline for any and all questions, concerns, requests, and general chaos that needs to be coordinated. I make sure all the spinning plates stay in the air and attempt to ensure everyone is where they need to be at the correct times. Basically, I try to keep the car running at 200 MPH as smoothly as possible!

What has been the biggest surprise since joining M2G?

How much time and work goes into each of our projects! From the outside it looks effortless, but there are one million details that need to add up perfectly to make everything work.

Last year, you led the charge in planning and executing M2G’s first Thanksgiving potluck and the biggest holiday party to date. What is your favorite part of planning and executing some of M2G’s greatest company events? 

Our team works so hard, so it’s both fun and necessary to make everyone stop working for long enough to kick back and relax together! After we take the time to slow down, we always walk away feeling closer to the team and with a renewed appreciation for each team member.

Tell us about your involvement in the Junior League of Fort Worth, specifically with the Fort Worth Stockshow and Rodeo last year!

Last year I helped Co-Chair the Junior League FWSSR Program Sales Committee. We work with a group of volunteers to manage all program sales during the rodeo season and in-turn get a percentage of all sales. Through our program sales and our scarf sales, we were able to raise over $65,000 for FW charities! I love getting plugged into areas of our community that I don’t interact with on a day-to-day basis and working hard to give back.

What is a surprising fact about you that not many people in the office would know?

My dog, Huggy Bear, is the proud last place winner in the 2023 Parker County Corgi Dash.

As a Fort Worth native, what has it been like seeing our city change over the years? 

Amazing! At the same time, it can also feel like an out of body experience. So many areas have been completely revamped to where they’re almost unrecognizable. Since it’s happening gradually, you don’t really notice it until you see an old, hole in the wall spot that’s been there for years surrounded by completely new buildings. It makes you realize how much everything has changed. I love that Fort Worth supports these small, old-school places just as loyally, if not more, than the new spots!

What is your favorite Fort Worth restaurant and why?

Joe T. Garcia’s! The atmosphere, the consistency, the memories, and of course the fajitas and margaritas are second to none.