From Help Comes Hope

Endeavors is a nonprofit service organization founded on the belief that by helping others, you can provide them with hope. Endeavors works with individuals and families impacted by poverty, unemployment, or neglect by helping them restore dignity and improving their quality of life. By doing this, vulnerable populations are empowered to build better lives for themselves, their families and, in turn, their communities.

When searching for a Dallas office, location was everything for Endeavors to ensure they were close to their community partners. With Bogart being located in Old East Dallas, it was the perfect spot. We are thrilled to welcome such an impactful and meaningful company to our tenant lineup.

Learn more about the work Endeavors does, watch a success story and learn how to get involved below:


Can you briefly describe the work Endeavors does? 

Endeavors seeks to unify families and communities torn apart by poverty, unemployment, or neglect by providing real, practical solutions and a path to earned income. We do this through a wide array of programs and services supporting children, families, veterans and those struggling with mental illness and other significant disabilities.

What services do you offer? Who are the people you provide services for? 

We provide mental health and behavioral health services, housing services, job supportive services, and disaster recovery services to Veterans, military families, disaster survivors, individuals with disabilities, and unaccompanied migrant children.

How do you personalize your approach when serving people in crisis?

Every Endeavors client is assigned a Case Manager who builds a customized plan to help them reach their goals, whether it’s finding safe and stable housing, overcoming a substance use disorder, or repairing a home ravaged by a hurricane. We know that recovery is not one-size-fits-all, and our Case Managers will connect our clients with the resources that best meet their specific needs.

Do you have a success story that always stands out in your mind? 

Marine Veteran Javier struggled with his transition to civilian life after military life. Struggling with alcoholism and PTSD, Javier finally got back on his feet through supported employment, proving that hope is possible for Veterans struggling with mental health.

How long has Endeavors been serving communities in need? How did Endeavors get its start? 

Endeavors began in 1969 as a group of five Presbyterian churches who came together to serve the unhoused citizens of San Antonio. Over the years, we grew, evolved, changed our name, and expanded our mission to serve people in-person and virtually across the continental United States, and Puerto Rico.

How can the public support your mission? 

We have many ways for the public to get involved in our mission! Whether you’re looking to donate your treasure, talent, or time, there are lots of ways to get involved. We are always grateful to receive donations of new or gently used clothing and home goods for our clients, as well as new hygiene items, bus passes, laptops, and other items to help our Veterans reach employment success. The Endeavors Volunteer Program also has a packed calendar of events and opportunities for families, individuals, and corporate volunteer groups. For updates on events, follow us at @endeavorsorg.

How did Endeavors get its start? What was the inspiration behind “From Help Comes Hope”? 

The tagline “From Help Comes Hope” coincided with a campaign we began in early 2022. It aligns with our mission and our approach to help individuals in need. When people in crisis receive help, they regain hope for their futures.

Our mission: Endeavors passionately serves vulnerable people in crisis through our innovative, personalized approach. We seek to provide comprehensive, effective, and innovative services that encourage growth, allowing people to build better lives for themselves, their families, and their communities. Why? Because we believe that everyone holds the capacity to grow, heal, change, succeed, and affect others positively.

Why did you choose Bogart as your Dallas location? 

Being in this location gives easy access for our clients in need and also allows us to be in close proximity to community partners.

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