Meet Brett.

“Most of us have far more courage than we ever dreamed we possessed.” – Dale Carnegie

Brett ZimmermanPrincipal, Austin, M2G Ventures

Get to know the quarterback of M2G’s Investments Team.

Brett joined M2G in September 2022 to lead M2G’s expansion into Austin with a laser focus on our primary investment strategies of industrial and mixed-use. Simply put, Brett is charged with expanding M2G’s platform, culture, and track record across Texas. And that’s no small feat.

His enthusiasm for growth, desire for understanding of the ever-changing market, and his genuine and thoughtful approach to extending the M2G culture have all been evident from day one. Brett always has his ear to the ground reading CRE news and listening to CRE podcasts, making him a huge asset to the M2G team and treasure trove of knowledge and insights. He’s constantly perfecting M2G’s processes and putting together the pieces of the puzzle to create winning plays, allowing us to further position the company as the dominant urban quality player in mixed-use and industrial real estate across Texas.

Off the field, he’s thriving in Austin, the city he’s gotten to see transform over the years, with his sweet Golden Retriever puppy Rumi. Keep reading, and you just might learn a little more about M2G’s “house view” of the market along with Brett’s prediction for Austin as it continues to grow and flourish!

With Brett as quarterback, success is absolutely in the cards.   

Brett Zimmerman


Minutes Per Day Spent Researching, Underwriting, & Analyzing Potential Investment Opportunities


Miles Driven on I-35 Per Month Between Austin and Fort Worth


Minutes Per Day on the Phone with Partners, Lenders, Brokers & More

Meet Brett.

“Wherever you stand, be the soul of that place.”

– Rumi


What was your background prior to joining M2G Ventures? 

I am Texas-native, although I moved around a few times as a kid before eventually landing in Austin for high school. I spent college in the mountains at the University of Denver and prior to joining M2G I worked for an Austin-based real assets private equity firm that takes a thematic approach to investing in real estate across all product types, mostly focused on Sun Belt markets. I started with the company as an analyst and worked my way to director, eventually helping to lead various firm initiatives including the establishment of an industrial platform. It was the most incredible learning experience I could have hoped for, and I remain close to my old friends and colleagues!

In your own words, how would you describe your role at M2G? 

“Quarterback of the Investments Team”. My job isn’t always being the subject matter expert. Most of the time, my job involves putting the best team of partners, brokers, lenders, vendors, and other stakeholders “on the field”. I am tasked with picking a winning strategy and market, sourcing opportunities that fit within the strategy, and then using all the resources available to me at M2G to put together a business plan and execute it!

Why M2G? 

To continue the sports symbolisms, one of the reasons I joined M2G was because we “play the long ball”. Because our company is set up to perform over decades and across cycles, we also take a long view when it comes to people. This means treating everyone we interact with with respect, hiring and training new team members with a prioritization of culture, and making tough decisions where the long-term goal may mean we need to sacrifice short-term success.

In summary, what is M2G’s “House View?”

While ever-changing and dynamic, the world happens to be incredibly volatile right now for many reasons. We believe that inflation will be more persistent, and growth will be slower than the market is currently pricing in. Because of this, we have gotten very asset specific – only focusing on locations and assets that we feel we can purchase at a margin of economic safety, that are in locations that are highly defensible, and where we can put in place conservative capital stacks.

As someone who spent part of their high school career in Austin, what has it been like to see the city grow? 

All the ingredients were there (high quality of life, young/educated workforce, pro-business economy, etc.), it was only a matter of time until Austin transitioned into a leading city, and it’s been remarkable to see the impact growth has had on the city physically. It’s true the skyline looks very different, but I still feel many of the cultural and social aspects still exist that made me love Austin. We believe we are still in the “early innings” of Austin’s growth and trajectory.

Tell us about your sweet puppy Rumi! 

I got Rumi (a play on “roomie” and the poet Rumi) at a transitional time in my life. She is the epitome of what I could have hoped for in a dog – loyal, sweet, and eternally loving!