August 18, 2022

Where to Drink in Fort Worth Right Now: 8 Best Bars for ’90s-Cool Espresso Martinis

By Celestina Blok, FW Culture Map, August 18, 2022

Call it a comeback. The hottest drink in the current world of cocktails originated in the 1980s and picked up steam in the ’90s, and its recent resurgence has bar owners scrambling to stock coupe glasses and coffee beans. Espresso martinis are all the rage right now, rediscovered by 20-somethings for their Instagram-friendly presentation and nostalgic ’90s vibes that are so on-trend right now. 

Legend has it the drink was invented in 1983 when a young model in a London bar ordered something to “pick her up and mess her up.” The bartender combined coffee with vodka and sugar and the concoction was born. In Fort Worth, most espresso martinis are mostly made with vodka, but there are versions with bourbon and even tequila. Here are eight of the best hot spots in town to try one. Pinkies up.

Blackland Distillery
Espresso martinis on tap? Yes, please. Blackland Distillery doubles as a swanky cocktail lounge and tasting room, where guests can get espresso martinis poured straight from a spout. Officially called Texpresso Yourself, Blackland’s version is made with their own Texas Pecan Brown Sugar Bourbon, cold brew coffee, and house-made coffee liqueur. Served in a coup glass with a thick layer of creamy froth, the robust concoction oozes elegance — just like the lounge’s horseshoe-shaped, chandelier-lit bar and surrounding booths, tables, and club chairs. Blackland also makes vodka, rye whiskey, and one excellent, herbal-infused gin. Book a distillery tour in advance and get a cocktail and full spirits tasting for $30.