February 19, 2018

The Foundry District Continues to Establish Itself As the Place to Be For Entrepreneurs In 2018

Six Fort Worth-local Tenants Will Call The District Home In The First Half Of The New Year

FORT WORTH, TX — Commercial real estate company M2G Ventures is making sure new year’s resolutions are coming to life in The Foundry District — adding six entrepreneurial dreamers to its list of tenants before the end of the summer. Whimsical cocktails, speciality curated gifts, and chef-driven menu delivery are just a few of the things locals will be able to indulge in at The Foundry District. In addition, the second installment of M2G Ventures’ creative office project, Wheelhouse, will launch, providing contemporary design and first class amenities for businesses to thrive in a community of art and culture.

Blackland Distillery is shepherding more than new age distilling of multiple libations to Fort Worth. Attorney-turned-distiller Markus Kypreos plans to offer specialized craft spirits that Fort Worth has yet to experience, in an intimate, modern tasting room, terrace, and full-service cocktail bar. Fort Worth locals can sophisticate their palette with Blackland’s assortment of Bourbon, Rye Whiskey, Vodka and Gin — distilled with innovative technology new to the market. Blackland Distillery will open 5,000 square feet in The Foundry District during the Summer of 2018.

When asked about Blackland’s launch, Kypreos said, “We experienced a food renaissance over the last 15 years, the craft beer renaissance is still upon us and consumers are now paying more attention to spirits as the cocktail returns to prominence. But today, the public has more sophisticated palates…We’re going to push the envelope in terms of the distillation process with practical scientific methods to create unique spirits, while maintaining a refined flavor and taste.”


Blackland Distillery Quick Facts:

Set to Open Summer 2018

Square Footage: 5,000 sq. ft.

Notable Elements: Attorney-turned-distiller through the Artisan Craft Distilling Institute, Certified Sommelier through the Court of Master Sommeliers and culinary school graduate, Markus Kypreos is launching Blackland Distilling — a multi-libation distillery featuring a tasting room and full-menu cocktail bar.

Presenting an unadulterated aesthetic, Gifted will grace The Foundry District with a minimalistic aesthetic and curated gifts that will engage the creative and design-conscious shoppers in Fort Worth with unique products from all over the country. Founder and Owner Esther Miller has spent more than 12 years in the fashion industry working as a designer and licensing manager for major international brands. In her tenure, she has traveled the world interacting with a wide variety of cultures and products. Miller plans to re-invigorate our community with an 809 square foot space that inspires and offers unique, hand-crafted goods featuring artfully-made jewelry, gifts, home decor, and more. The meaning behind the shop’s name goes beyond just gifts. Gifted will double as a place where talented individuals can share their gifts with the community by hosting workshops, classes and events that give customers an opportunity to expand their creative knowledge and participate in alternative social gatherings and engage with the community.

When asked about opening Gifted in The Foundry District, Miller said, “When choosing a location, it was important to me to surround myself with people and businesses that were like-minded in taking Fort Worth to the next level. I was looking to surround myself with talented people with new ideas, who are passionate about investing and redefining Fort Worth for today and tomorrow. The M2G group has done an amazing job curating their tenants to reflect these same values and desires–which made the decision to select The Foundry as Gifted’s home so easy. Besides, how often do you get to be a part of an exciting new development and have the ability to say 10 years down the line, “I remember when The Foundry was just a bunch of abandoned warehouses and buildings”, look what it is now? It is an exciting time for young entrepreneurs in Fort Worth, and I am so fortunate to be in the company of so many of them here in The Foundry.”

GIFTED Quick Facts:

Set to Open Spring 2018

Square Footage: 809 sq. ft.

Notable Elements: Esther Miller has curated an artistic gift shop that will land its first storefront in The Foundry District, — bringing artisanal goods and design-conscious home decor from all over the country to Fort Worth’s most artistic and entrepreneurial District.

Locally-acclaimed Chef Callie Salls’ culinary delivery experience Meyer & Sage is moving it’s commercial kitchen to The Foundry District in May 2018. The expanded cookery will continue to offer delivery of their healthfully curated menu with plans to incorporate a ‘diverse storefront concept’ in Spring 2019. Meyer & Sage’s move to The Foundry District will also mark an expansion of their brand— featuring 4,250 square feet of weekly meal delivery services, boutique catering, custom charcuterie/grazing boards, cooking classes, and more.

When asked about their move to The Foundry District, Salls’ said, “The energy is electric and we wanted to be a part of it. We can’t wait to meet our neighbors and become part of this eclectic and flourishing community.”

Meyer & Sage Quick Facts:

Set to Open May 2018

Square Footage: 4,250 sq. ft.

Notable Elements: Locally-acclaimed Chef Callie Salls’ culinary delivery experience ‘Meyer & Sage’ is moving its commercial kitchen to The Foundry District. Their expansion will feature weekly delivery of chef-driven menus, boutique catering, custom charcuterie/grazing boards, cooking classes, and a storefront set to open in Spring 2019.

For the creatives and entrepreneurs that don’t need a storefront — M2G Ventures will launch the second phase of Wheelhouse in March 2018. The creative office spaces will be home to M2G Ventures’ new headquarters, HOLLAND Collective’s official headquarters, CG Northern’s new headquarters (may want to look at using some other noun but flagship and expansion don’t work in this context) , and Fusion Medical’s office. With only two spaces available for lease, the 8,000 square foot, collaborative space will open up to North Texas’ most colorful outdoor art gallery, Inspiration Alley and feature a great room with first-class amenities, a specially curated art collection including a yarn-installment and greenwall, interior skylights, and an additional 5,000 square-foot outdoor event venue with lounge furniture. For more information on leasing, please contact M2G Ventures at team@m2gventures.com.


Set to Open March 2018

Square Footage: 8,000 sq. ft.

Notable Elements: The second installment of bringing the Fort Worth’s entrepreneurial scene and small businesses into a community of art and culture. Tenants currently include M2G Ventures, CG Northern, HOLLAND collective, and Fusion Medical. A portion of the creative office spaces open up to Inspiration Alley and an entryway designed to invite clients and guests into a space created for collaboration. The space will feature a great room with first-class amenities, a curated art collection featuring a yarn-art installation, a living green wall, interior skylights, and a 5,000 square foot common area with lounge furniture — doubling as an event venue.

Fusion Medical Aesthetics is opening a special medspa and retail space inside of Wheelhouse II— the first storefront business to open in the collaborative creative offices. Offering a wide variety of non-surgical beauty, health, and wellness procedures, Dr. Lisa Gardner is a Bio-Identical hormone specialist and plans to expand her practice with the 1,100 square foot office. The multifunctional space will serve as a physician’s office, a retail space for medical grade supplements and skin care, and hold a state of the art blood lab used for customizable treatments plans.

Fusion Medical Aesthetics Quick Facts:

Set to Open March 2018

Square Footage: 1,100 sq. ft.

Notable Elements: Dr. Lisa Gardner is set to open Fusion Medical Aesthetics inside of Wheelhouse II. The space will feature a physician’s office with patient rooms, a retail area with medical grade supplements and skin care, and a state of the art blood lab.

For more information or to set up interviews, please contact Holland Sanders at holland@hollandcollective.co.


About Blackland Distillery:

Blackland Distillery will specialize in craft spirits—Bourbon, Rye Whiskey, Vodka and Gin—with an eye toward innovative distilling methods and flavors.  Fort Worth native Markus Kypreos, attorney, culinary school graduate, certified sommelier through the Court of Master Sommeliers and certified by the Artisan Craft Distilling Institute, will bring his extensive food, wine and spirits background as owner of Blackland Distillery. Once production is underway, Blackland will also feature an intimate tasting room with a full cocktail bar on site.

About Gifted:

Gifted is Fort Worth’s destination lifestyle shop for the well-curated. We highlight design-conscious home and personal gifts for the creative individual.  We seek out purposeful and unique products to provide customers a hand selected assortment for discovering. The brands we bring to customers askew trends while celebrating the artful and timeless. The makers we carry believe their products can spark inspiration, boost happiness and be kind to the earth, body and soul.  Our commitment is to seek out makers and small businesses that stay true to this belief. Gifted also doubles as a place where talented individuals can share their gifts with the community. We host workshops, classes and events that give customers an opportunity to expand their creative knowledge and redefine what it means to be a community. For more information, visit www.giftedftw.com.

About Meyer & Sage:

Meyer & Sage is a unique culinary delivery experience which unites the convenience of healthy meals delivered to your door with the finesse of professionally-trained chefs hand-crafting each menu item for individuals, couples and families in Fort Worth and surrounding areas within a 15-mile radius. For more information visit www.meyerandsage.com.

About Fusion Medical Aesthetics:

At Fusion Medical Aesthetics, it is our love and passion to make you feel amazing and look beautiful. Dr. Lisa Gardner is a board certified surgeon, and she is a Bio-Identical Hormone Specialist. With more than 13 years of experience she can help men and women with their hormonal needs, emotional needs, body shaping, sexual dysfunction, skin care needs, and ultimately getting her patients off medications. Dr. Gardner takes a special interest in each patient, and she believes that every person’s body is different. She knows every person deserves to feel great! Fusion Medical Aesthetics has quickly grown into the area’s leader for men and women’s hormone replacement therapy, wellness, performance, and aesthetic medicine. Gardner wants to make sure that her patients are educated about their hormones, health, nutrition, and skin care so they can look and feel their best. Dr. Gardner lives the example of health, fitness, and happiness for her patients. Doctor Gardner has been voted “Top Doc” by Fort Worth Magazine the last 10 years in a row. For more information, visit https://fusionmedicalaesthetics.com.

About M2G Ventures:

M2G VENTURES specializes in urban commercial real estate investment and development, as well as strategic landlord and retail consulting for distinctively designed mixed-use properties. The female owned and operated company, led by twin sisters Jessica Miller Worman and Susan Miller Gruppi, has quickly risen to the top of the market by transacting $40 million dollars worth of property since it was founded in Fall 2014. Propelled by the vision of its Co-Presidents, the company is built on big dreams and unique grassroots ideals from its holistic experience in real estate development and tenant and landlord representation across the country.

The M2G team is comprised of visionary storytellers who are setting the standard for the fast-growing real estate industry through holistic, innovative property development and raw, industrial designs. The company’s acquisitions are redefining the industry as they curate narratives beyond the building for each investment. M2G VENTURES commitment to revitalizing communities begins with the history and influence of a project’s surroundings, exposing the authentic soul through sense of discovery through artistic experiences. M2G’s ingenious method of creating visibility of their projects is seen in the unlikely outlet of street art and other creative collaborations with community influencers and organizations.

Seen as disruptors to the traditional method of “business as usual,” M2G creates fresh strategic solutions beginning with laying the foundation to customizing vibrant spaces with a distinctive style of design for each project and tenant. M2G VENTURES projects are more than buildings, they are communities built from the roots of genuine investments focused on growth and prosperity through limitless creativity. For more information, visit www.m2gventures.com.

About The Foundry District:

THE FOUNDRY DISTRICT is leading the cultural revitalization of Fort Worth’s Westside. A part of the Cultural District, adjacent to 7th Street and the Museum District, the newly rehabbed 6-acre industrial development is home to a growing mix of local retailers and restaurants, modern creative offices, and unique, alternative event venues. The family-friendly District provides some of the best artistic collaborations and creative, entrepreneurial businesses Fort Worth has to offer!

Innovative and eclectic, THE FOUNDRY DISTRICT is transforming Fort Worth’s leisure landscape with bold, forward-thinking projects that work to create and cultivate an edgy community for day and nighttime entertainment unlike anywhere else in the city of cowboys and culture. Through interactive and engaging outdoor art, THE FOUNDRY DISTRICT is fast becoming a haven for uniquely curated partnerships with community organizations and local artisans, further expanding the rich cultural scene that exists in its community.

The first artistic collaboration and ever-evolving project, Inspiration Alley —  a highly-anticipated outdoor art gallery– began with Fort Worth artist Katie Murray’s ‘Cowtown’ mural. Inspiration Alley is setting the platform for local artistic contribution and establishing THE FOUNDRY DISTRICT as an artistic destination similar to Miami’s Wynwood Arts District and Toronto’s Graffiti Alley. Inspiration Alley will be home to thought provoking art created by some of North Texas’ top artists and is one of the only permanent outdoor art galleries in the state.

THE FOUNDRY DISTRICT is a central gathering place for locals, travelers, and businesses and is home to The Lathery, Feathers Boutique, M&O Burger, CitySurf, Cowtown Marathon, Clay Pigeon, Carmen Rose Photography, and other curated contributions to our Fort Worth community. For more information, visit www.thefoundrydistrictfw.com.