April 1, 2021

Bogart Development Adds Fiction Coffee to Tenant Lineup

Fiction Coffee is opening a new location at Bogart, a development from Fort Worth-based M2G Ventures.

Bogart, an all-in-one office destination located at 4621 Ross Ave. in Dallas, has been redeveloped into a curated three-story, 50,000-square-foot, Class A boutique mixed-use office destination with  complete with modern offices and museum quality art, all while reflecting the future of creative office environments.

“With a one-minute journey from your car to your desk, Bogart is paving the way for innovative, convenient office spaces with top of market amenities making your office the place you and your employees want to be. We’re thrilled for the additional neighborhood-feel and unique design that Fiction Coffee brings to the building and to the entire Bogart experience.”

Jessica Miller Essl, M2G Ventures, Co-Founder.

Fiction Coffee at Bogart will serve its full menu of craft coffee offerings, as well as wine and beer and a variety of assorted pastries for locals to enjoy. The shop also includes an expansive patio rising to the customer demand for more open-air spaces.

“Fiction Coffee’s mission is centered around the importance of community and hospitality and we have a big heart for local. Over 20,000 vehicles pass by Bogart daily and the Old East Dallas population is expected to grow by 2.9% in the next five years. Bogart is a coveted location that also aligns perfectly with our shop’s aesthetic, which beckons people to come in and stay a while.”

Nick Clark, Founder and CEO of Common Desk.

Fiction Coffee has several locations in the Dallas-area and expects to open a location in Houston soon.