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Worth, an MEP Engineering firm, is an exciting new addition to The Foundry District’s community. Like many drawn to our corner of Cowtown, Worth Engineering is a company that prioritizes relationships, has a partnership mentality, and is passionate about righting the wrongs of their industry.

An awesome detail about WE is that they’re not just new to Foundry – they’re new to business! The brains behind this operation have years of experience at some of the largest engineering firms in the industry, but they opened their doors earlier this year.

We sat down with Heath Steele, one of the principals of Worth Engineering, to learn more about how they’re engineered for success.


What pushed you to start Worth Engineering?

So, we were working at one of the most successful firms in the area where I was on track to become a leader in the company after five years and had to ask myself “am I on board with the direction of this company?” Don’t get me wrong, I loved the people and loved working there, but I had this moment of clarity where I knew I had to strike out on my own to create the business I truly wanted to lead.

With that in mind, I had to ask myself another question: “why the hell do I think I can do this better?” And then we had our a-ha moment – there are hundreds of engineering firms in North Texas, including some of the largest in the country, but none of them prioritize relationships and the client experience the way I’d like to. So, that was our jumping-off point for Worth Engineering. Our work speaks for itself, so we spend time focusing on engineering relationships as well.

What’s in a name? Where did Worth Engineering come from?

Our name was chosen to represent a few different things. Worth is an obvious reference to Fort Worth – a city we love deeply. But, it also represents that we’re worthy of the challenge. We’ll work to prove our worth across every single project. We’re worth the investment.

However, the most important thing is the initials – W.E. WE is an idea more important than Worth Engineering. WE, together as a team, will pull together to complete every project to the highest level. WE will always support each other, our clients, and our community.

What is the heart behind the company?

It’s that relationships trump services. Great engineering is the expectation when you work with a premium firm, and what we do is a necessity for our clients. We’re hired to execute drawings, go through the permit process, and other elements of specialized legwork. We take on liability if anything goes wrong and there is extra pressure and tension because of it. So, to elevate the experience, we elevate what it means to be a client of Worth Engineering.

Fostering quality relationships begins with passion. We sincerely love what we do, and only hire folks who love what they do. We have a very serious no-jerks policy in our hiring processes, no matter how talented the individual may be. We look for talented optimists who want to go the extra mile to prove value to our clients. Our heart is for servant leadership, and relationship building is foundational to that.

What pushed you to choose The Foundry District for your home office?

The Foundry District and M2G Ventures as a whole represents the frontlines of development in Fort Worth. You can feel the energy of entrepreneurship around here. It’s a stepping stone for some brands and a forever home for others, but the energy is contagious. Fort Worth is a city with a lot of office space, so you really get to pick your neighbors, and there really isn’t another like-minded community of businesses like this. It’s really inspirational for us.

What’s the one thing you’d want someone reading this to know about you?

That we’re in business to build trusting relationships, and we execute on that mission by keeping our word over and over and over again. We’re willing to work and build that trust because we’re focused on long-term partnerships. Across every set of drawings we create, we want to create value for our partners.

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