Meet Hope.

“Bound before. Quiet knows best. Growth shall come. Speak for the rest.” -Anonymous

Hope BankstonDirector of Operations, M2G Ventures

Carving her Own Path

She keeps all the geese in formation, and she does it with grace and poise.

At a boutique and entrepreneurial company like M2G Ventures, it’s easy to say you grow with the company. This couldn’t be more true for Hope Bankston, who is set to celebrate her two-year anniversary with M2G this month.

As M2G’s Director of Operations, Hope oversees operational activities across all departments and levels of the organization. From the front desk, to facilitating short and long term goal setting, to managing digital and technology solutions, Hope is making an impact to shape the future of M2G. Her skills range from being able to juggle 15 tasks across varying departments without letting a single one drop, to acting as the resident office interior design executor, to organizing the masses, and so much more.

Hope is driven and talented. In the office, she moves quickly and efficiently. At home, she is still and quiet. She listens to Frank Sinatra on her vintage record player in a home filled with antiques found at Fort Worth estate sales. She is the balance that we all strive to achieve.

I guess you could say that without her we’d be Hopeless. 

Hope Bankston


Estate Sales Per Month


Frisbee Throws with Grizzly Per Day


Microsoft Teams Messages Sent Per Month

Meet Hope.

“…there’s only one killer in Fort Worth and that’s me.”

– Sheriff Jim Courtright, 1883


Can you briefly describe your role at M2G?

They call me the “Chief Greaser”. Sometimes things that are shiny and new require time, trial, and error to become well oiled. That’s me. That’s what I do. My role at M2G encompasses company operations and human resources. I am responsible for championing company wide communications related to critical priorities, initiatives, and processes, to align the team for collective success.

Why do you feel you’ve found your home at M2G? 

M2G has never placed me in a box. My skills, ownership, and resiliency have been left unleashed to carve my own path. The freedom of ownership has been a blessing to me and has simultaneously benefited the company.

What is your background prior to joining M2G Ventures? 

I went to college for criminal justice and worked for the Fort Worth Police Department prior to real estate. I am deeply passionate about sexual abuse awareness, normalizing conversation around this, advocating for victims, and standing alongside survivors. I am eternally grateful for the relationships formed while at FWPD and the experiences I had, and I know this will forever remain a close part of my life.

Your two-year anniversary with M2G is in January! How has your role evolved over time and how have you grown with it?

I still do many things around the office that I did on day one, but the greatest change for my own growth has been our team’s growth. I joined M2G at the very beginning of a rapid hiring phase and onboarded approximately half of our team members. Every face we have added has brought balance and clarity to our internal departments and has allowed us to advance substantially as a company.

You are known for being an old soul. You prefer quiet nights in and love hunting for antiques at weekend estate sales. What has been your favorite estate sale find? 

This is a tough one. I love turn of the century furniture and art. I love a dark, mysterious mood. For the Harry Potter kids, think Dumbledore’s office. I always say my home must be filled with ghosts, with nearly every décor item in my home being give or take 100 years old. Rather than share a favorite item, I’ll share a favorite story. I was leaving a local estate sale with three pieces of artwork. One of the items was an original portrait of a young girl, likely painted before 1920. While loading up in my car, I am approached by the owner of the home. He felt he could not let me leave with this painting without warning me – he strongly believed it was haunted. He proceeded to tell me the young girl would appear and was quite the jokester, leaving cabinets open for you to trip on, or sometimes stealing your belongings. I’m not an overly superstitious person, so I didn’t mind. No ghost sightings in my house as of yet!

Grizzly Bankston

Hope’s Border Collie & Frisbee Catching Aficionado

An Estate Sale Find

Strongly Believed to be Haunted